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Nothing motivates us more than the happiness of our clients.  Call us today to find out more about speech therapy, reading and language therapy.

Katie, Parent

"My son has been getting speech through CSLC at his private school for almost a year now. The difference in his articulation is incredible! I was worried about him leaving the class to do some specialized therapy at first because he is very sensitive and hesitant to try new things. But he felt comfortable almost immediately. He also has no problem correcting his speech or words while having a conversation with us, something he would become defensive and probably a bit embarrassed about in the past. Now he seems very confident with his language skills."


"Wonderful! My son always loves to go to Speech with Ms. Maureen!"

Amy, Parent

"We are extremely happy that our son has made such significant progress with his speech. When we first starting meeting with “Miss Jen”, he could only say one consonant. Now, he can say almost all of them. It has made it much easier at home for all of us to understand each other."

Anne, Parent

CSLC provides thoughtful, individualized therapy that has empowered our son. The activities are tailored to his interests while maintaining a high level of productivity and administering direct feedback. We are delighted with his progress in their care!

Ariel, Parent

CSLC has been so terrific for our daughter. I am truly amazed at the change I have seen, especially over the past month, in terms of her ability to generalize what she has learned with regard to the "s" sound to situations when she is talking spontaneously. It is so encouraging. We're so glad our friend told us about CSLC!

Becky, Parent

"My daughter has only been working with Karen for a couple of months and the improvement in her speech already is unbelievable! She really tries hard to use in her everyday life what Karen teaches her in class and she has fun doing it. She can't wait to practice her homework for the week!"

Cindy, Parent

"My daughter came to Central Speech and Language Clinic with difficult to diagnosis issues. Karen and Jen were able to identify the issues and develop a holistic approach to address them. They are extremely caring and knowledgeable people. They genuinely cared about my daughter’s success and went above and beyond to support her in both treatment and with the integration skills in school and in everyday activities. They provided a foundation and support which allowed my daughter to master previously difficult learning areas and do much better in school. I highly recommend their services. "

Ellen, Parent

"Jennifer's calm and warm demeanor, won her an instant connection with my son. Jen's expertise is not only evident in her knowledge, but in her ability to relate to children, as well as her ability to reassure and educate parents. Our family is very grateful for all that she has done for us."

Jennifer, Parent

"Karen is qualified, knowledgeable, outgoing, and personable. I am very impressed with the various techniques she uses to encourage learning in my child. Each session offers a variety of activities with a focus on my child's specific needs. The varied techniques and activities used helps to maintain my child's attention throughout each session, while both learning and having fun."

Katie, Parent

Teletherapy is the best thing we have ever done. Jen has been absolutely amazing. My son loves it and it is so convenient!

Lauren, Parent

"We came to CSLC when my daughter was just entering kindergarten and she is now entering the fourth grade. She has made such tremendous progress from that time. My daughter enjoys her one on one time there because they make learning fun and rewarding."

Margaret, Parent

We’ve been very happy with the way CSLC has been able to continue to provide services through this crazy time (COVID-19)!! Teletherapy has been super helpful to maintain a little bit of normalcy in our lives.


Central Speech & Language Clinic, Inc is a great place to get your child up-to-speed on their speech. Our 4 year old has been attending sessions for almost a year now and he has made great progress. Their virtual learning sessions in place due to the pandemic are just as effective, interactive, and fun, as in-person sessions. We absolutely love miss Katie and miss Jen. Their creativity and dedication are very much appreciated by us, parents. We strongly recommend this place for all kiddos needing help with their speech. Thank you

Stephanie, Parent

We've loved teletherapy! We love the effort Jen has made and it makes my son feel so special!

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