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Where are you located?

Buckhead Speech Specialists Services

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Buckhead Speech Specialists Services

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Buckhead Speech Specialists Services

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Contacting Us

What are your hours of operation?

Our speech-language pathologists’ schedules vary by individual and are by appointment only. Generally, we have hours from 10am through 8:30pm on Mondays through Thursdays, and 9am - 3pm on Saturdays.

Where are you located?

We are located in the Grove Medical Center, at the corner of Robert Parker Coffin Road and IL Route 83. Please see our footer to get an *accurate* map and directions to our location. If you enter our mailing address into Mapquest, Google Maps, etc. you will be mislead! Follow the link on our page to get driving directions from wherever you might be.

How do I make an appointment?

For questions about our services or to make an appointment, please contact Jennifer Malone Priest at 847-821-1237 x4 or by e-mail at jen@cslclinic.com.

Billing and Appointments

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

  1. Your completed intake forms, if you have not already sent them ahead.
  2. Your prior records (previous evaluations, reports, I.E.P.’s, etc.). If you are able to fax, mail, or drop off this information before your first appointment, it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. A doctor's order for "Speech - Language Evaluation and Treatment as Indicated" or some equivalent.
  4. Your insurance card, if applicable.
  5. Your referral and / or pre-certification, as required by your insurance policy.
  6. NOTE: If you have questions about your policy's speech-language therapy coverage, please contact your member services associate at the number on the back of your insurance card.
  7. Payment (check, cash, MasterCard or Visa).
  8. The credit card referenced on your Credit Card / Financial Policy Form.

For which insurance companies are you in network?

We are currently participating in the following networks: Blue Cross/Blue Shield (PPO) and Aetna (all products). Claims for these insurance companies will be submitted by Central Speech & Language Clinic, Inc on your behalf.

What if my insurance companies consider your services out-of-network?

If we are out-of-network, the claims for services will need to be submitted by you. In this case, we will ask you to pay for your sessions at the time of service. We will be happy to provide you with a receipt for services to assist you in receiving reimbursement on your own. We can provide you with a receipt monthly or weekly, however, there will be a one week delay (i.e. Each week we will give you a receipt for the last week's session.). Please make arrangements with your speech-language pathologist.

How can I make sure my insurance company covers speech therapy before we start?

Before your first appointment, please call the number on the back of your insurance card to find out specifically about your speech therapy coverage. You may also want to obtain a copy of your benefit manual and/or health insurance contract. There are many different benefit levels provided by private health plans. Unfortunately, not all will cover speech-language therapy. Sometimes speech therapy appears to be a covered benefit, however, there are stipulations such as, "only if it is deemed medically necessary", "only for impairments related to illness or injury", or "only for deficits that are not developmental or educational in nature." Refer to ASHA's Private Health Plans information page for valuable tips on understanding your benefits and ensuring speech services are covered.

What should I do if my speech therapy benefits are inadequate?

If you find that your coverage for speech-language therapy is not meeting your needs, one course of action is to speak to your employer about adding benefits. ASHA provides valuable information including statistics, checklists, and brochures to assist you in speaking with and persuading your employer to improve speech-language therapy benefits in their Employer Insurance Packet.

Will I receive a monthly statement?

We do not automatically generate monthly statements. However, if you would like a statement detailing charges and payments for a specific time period, we would be happy to provide you with one. Please contact Matt in our billing department at 847-821-1237 x 6.

Will I receive a monthly bill?

Because payment is expected at the time of service, we do not regularly provide monthly bills. If you are a self-pay client, please come prepared to pay in full at each session. If you have insurance coverage, please be prepared to pay your co-insurance, co-pay, or deductible at the time of service. You may speak to your speech-language pathologist, if you would like to pay for the entire month ahead versus paying each week. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Jen Malone Priest at 847-821-1237 x3.

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