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Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association

"ISHA is here to serve as a resource for the public in all matters related to delays, disorders, and differences of speech, language, hearing, feeding and swallowing."



The Association promotes the prevention and treatment of communication and related disorders, supports and upholds high standards of educational qualifications and ethical practice, provides opportunities for professional development, and advocates for the interests of speech-language pathologists and audiologists and the persons they serve.

Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association
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Many times, schools and parents do not have a clear understanding of what we do and how we can help them. Most people have a cursory understanding of speech therapy, but they do not know everything we do or the education we are required to possess to do our job

ISHA helps parents and schools understand what education and schooling we are required to possess in order to practice in the state of Illinois. We encourage every partner and parent to briefly review this site before they choose a speech-language pathologist for their child or school.

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