Screenings for Your Organization

Screenings are valuable services to provide the parents in your organization. We partner with private schools, daycares, and pediatrician offices to offer speech-language screenings for children ages 2 and up. We can screen all of the children in your organization or only those about whom there are questions or concerns related to their development.

A screening is an abbreviated evaluation that determines whether or not a child is (a) performing at an age-appropriate level or (b) if the child requires further evaluation.

The screening assesses the following areas:

- Articulation
- Expressive Language
- Receptive Language
- Voice
- Fluency

If there is an identified area of concern in any area, a comprehensive speech-language evaluation will be recommended.

Schedule permitting, we are also available to provide the evaluation, as well as follow-up therapy, at your site, if the parents wish to follow through on these recommendations.


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